BARSTOOL MOUNTAIN - III (Absurd Exposition)


from - Absurd Exposition

A deep-dive into fractured reservoirs of textural dis-course, whiffs of smudged sophistication, crusted complexity, substance- oomph! – over style.
9 months on from the maiden ‘Stool drop, the aims of Mattias Gustafsson’s Altar of Flies alter-ego swim into red-rimmed, bleary-eyed focus: less the painstakingly plotted array of elliptical rabbit holes, more the going full brute on the ass.
Still as ever moored to that measured sense of deliberation and patience, but distilled to the chase, not so much hurried as harried, frazzled, grizzled, hair askew and sticking, chunks ripping off chunks galore, the dread and thrill of discovery fueling fresh flush-faced lurch through weathered beaten fabrics, brute-conditioned deliberations teasing jeweled moldering gristle-chunks from crusted rippling crunch-pockets.

Factory sealed.