from - Dunkelheit Produktionen

Clocking at 22 minutes this newest bullet into the head of weakness is technically an EP but still offers more than enough material to satisfy the hungry crowd. After a short intro, "Exodus of Victory" instantly reminds the listener why Kapala are an absolute top-tier War Metal outfit. The sound is deep and crisp, hammering like an army of iron fists mowing down armies of scum. Unlike lesser bands, these Indians present songs full of analogue realness and genuine destructive feel. Absolute war, but always with the right amount of order to highlight the impressive musical craftsmanship hidden under the pitch-black vitriol.
As the title already suggests, "Doomsday Requiem" appears like a call to war, propaganda for the absolute end to all creation. Dark and full frequencies dance like Shiva in Trance while death gods harvest human skulls on ancient battlefields of Indian legends. Utter brutality freely flows between Death Metal and the best structural aspects of Harsh Noise creating a result which is nothing short of breathtaking.

To say that this new Kapala release is mandatory would be an understatement...