S.T.A.B. Electronics – Funerals (Old Europa Cafe)


from - Old Europa Cafe

Funerals was recorded Sporadically between 2020 and 2023... Sometimes in fugue states of illness at various locations in The UK. S.T.A.B. Electronics is and always will be Keith G Finnan. S.T.A.B. would like to thank the following individuals for friendship ,inspiration and comradeship!

Martin (Unrest Productions), Tamon Miyakita, Marcin (Kevlar), Klaus (Tesco Germany), Paul Finnan (without whom), Rodolfo (OEC) for the opportunity. These recordings are Dedicated to the Memory of J. Starkey (what could have been ...shall not come to pass) and to the dead and dying Everywhere.

Vos omnes morituri!
What we are now, you will become!

Ltd to 300 copies.
Factory sealed.